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2NE1’s "Lonely" MV Costs Over 150,000,000 Won

May 10, 2011

“After listening to it carefully, you’ll know that it was a song we took an extreme risk for”, 2NE1’s leader, CL, revealed during an interview. The girls of 2NE1 tell us more about their upcoming song, “Lonely”, as well as its music video. It has been reported that the costs for the music video amount to over 150,000,000 Won ($150,000).

2NE1 had recently their MV shooting for their upcoming song titled “Lonely” on Nodeul Island along the Han River. It had taken a total of 10 days to produce the set director, Han Samin, who also directed Big Bang’s “Love Song” MV, wanted for 2NE1’s “Lonely” MV. Two lighting cranes had been mobilized and much more work had been done at the scene which rose the costs for the music video. Filming at the Han River on its own costs already 150,000,000 Won, which is approximately $150,000.

However, rather than the site, 2NE1’s acting skills have garnered all the attention at the shooting. The girls had to act in the role of tragic heroines despaired by love and separation. It was outstanding how realistic the members expressed their loneliness amongst a crowd for their music video.

“This music video is really interesting to watch. It’s unique how the four members act as one, and it’s also interesting to see the member’s act after a breakup in harmony with the acoustic atmosphere”, CL commented.

She also said some words about “Lonely” as song itself, “After listening to it carefully, you’ll know that it was a song we took an extreme risk for. Everyone gets lonely. We thought that this would be a song that the public can relate to. In midst of the strong atmosphere, the song expresses distinct loneliness felt, whether one being a strong man, woman, or just anyone in general.”
“This song seems like a song that no one would have been able to expect from us. As soon as you hear the first verse, you begin to get the feel of it”, Dara stated.
Bom expressed her confidence about “Lonely”, “If I dare say so, I’m confident this time as well. The melody itself is soulful and has a pop-feeling to it, and it seems like fans will enjoy it.”

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