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Go backstage with After School through their new sel-ca set!

May 10, 2011

Girl group After School recently shared some sel-cas from the backstage of a music program.

These ladies are some of Korea’s top female celebrities, thanks to their sleek bodies and beautiful faces. Indeed, fans agree that the members have raised the bar for both beauty and fashion.

After School released a set of behind-the-scenes photos to commemorate their recent comeback. With the addition of their newest member E-Young, the girl group became even brighter and more vibrant as a unit. Check out the series below!

1. A gathering like this

It’s rare for a girl group to follow a graduation system, but After School decided to run with it. With their new 4th generation “student” E-Young, After School now consists of 9 members. Because of their busy solo activities, it was hard to gather all the members together. For the first time in a long time, the 9 members met up for their album jacket photoshoot.

Their usual sharp appearances look rather soft and bright.

2. There is no other pictorial

‘Oldest sister’ Kahi stood before the camera during the chaos prior to getting on stage. As Kahi puts on her accessories, the photo reminds us of a pictorial.

3. Do you know the appreciation of art?

UEE is holding a fan in an alluring manner by playfully covering her mouth while smiling. The fan which says “The appreciation of the arts” is particularly fitting.

4. Revitalize!

Lizzy and Jooyeon are having fun taking selcas with their puffed-up cheeks. The playful duo serve as the energizers for their exhausted teammates.

5. Are we the same?

Jung Ah jokes around as she copies the expression in the picture. The waiting room flooded with laughter as she made this cartoonish-like pose.

6. Watching one after another

The members have all gathered around a camcorder, which recorded the performance they just completed. For a moment, their mischief has come to an end as they focus on reviewing their stage.

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