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Hey!Say!JUMP To Release New Single

May 10, 2011
Hey!Say!JUMP To Release New Single

It´s been announced that Hey!Say!JUMP will release their 7th single titled “Over” on June 29th. Besides Hey!Say!JUMP, the single includes two songs of subgroups Hey!Say!BEST and Hey!Say!7.Rumors of a possible new Hey!Say!JUMP single, apparently announced during one of their recent concerts, have now officially been confirmed with an announcement on Johnny´s Net.Their 7th single “Over” is planned for June 29th and includes the following songs:- Over- Ai-ing -Aishiteru– Screw (Hey!Say!BEST)- You got more (Hey!Say!7)Subgroups Hey! Say! BEST (Boys Excellent Select Team) and Hey! Say! 7 consists of the five oldest and five youngest members respectively.

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