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New Boyband N-Train to Debut on 19th May

May 10, 2011

New Boyband N-Train to Debut on 19th May

New boygroup, N-Train, will debut on 19th May, after adding some more tracks to their debut album. Revealed through Naver.We finally get more information on N-Train, Media Line´s first boyband. N-Train is a boyband consisting of the 5 members, Jung Jung Kyung, Jung Seung Hyun, Lee Jongmin (Soul J), Son Yujin and Kim Sang Woo.The eldest member of N-Train is Seung Hyun, who was born on 14th June 1987. Before joining N-Train, he was part of the band of Monster who debuted in 2007.Also Jung Kyung, born on 27th November 1987, was once in another band. He was originally a member of the band called Tachyon.Earlier there were rumours that N-Train would debut in April. However, their debut has been postponed to May 19th in order to add more tracks to their upcoming album.N-Train first performance as band at Kim Gunmo´s concert on Monday.

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