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So Ji-seob Korean Movies

May 11, 2011


So Ji Sub started out his career as a model. Before taking up acting, he was also an accomplished swimmer, having won medals in the national level. In the late 90s, he first played small parts such as in “Model”. In 2002, his first large role was in Glass Slippers, where he played a gangster who falls in love with the main female character. In 2005, he starred in the immensely popular drama, “I”m Sorry, I Love You”, which garnered him many awards and drew attention all over Asia. Unfortunately, his career was interrupted by service in the Korean military, which he completed in 27 April 2007. He returns to his acting by currently being in the drama “Cain and Abel”.

Schools: Kwangsung middle school, Kwangsung high school, Korea National Sport University, ChungWoon University majored Acting
Horoscope: Scorpio
Interest: All kinds of sports
Specialty: swimming (Medalist on National athletic meet)

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