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Cute Thai Girl MaFear (มาเฟียร์) Shows Her Playful Side

May 19, 2011

This cute Thai girl, MaFear (pronounced more like ma-fia), live in downtown Bangkok. You can tell from her pictures that she’s a very playful girl, and she really likes to show off her playful side when she’s taking photos. While she might look a little young, this Thai girl is actually 21 and already in college studying at Sripatum University.

MaFear has a lot of different pictures, but she really likes to show off how cute she can be for the camera with different facial expressions. This is common for most Thais in photographs. They call it “ab-baew”. They probably think it will help them get a better looking boyfriend or something. If any of you are interested in dating MaFear, I’m sorry to tell you this, but she already has a very good looking boyfriend. Who knows, though!? It might not work out for them and maybe you’ll someday have a chance to have such a cute girl like MaFear!

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