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Nong Toey Is Cuter Than Ever

May 19, 2011

nong toey 8 Nong Toey Is Cuter Than Ever

Nong Toey has been getting super popular in Thailand ever since winning a cute Thai girl modeling contest in 2007. Now at the age of 18, she should be finishing up her last year of high school and entering college next year. (Hope she goes to the same school as me!!)

Nong Toey is now the star of a Thai lakorn (soap opera) featuring other big Thai superstars like Golf and Mike (one of them pretends to play a Japanese guy… so like them) as well as Peak, one of my favorite Thai cuties. Together, it makes a good mixture with nice chemistry and huge names that bring in good ratings. I definetly think we will be seeing more from Nong Toey in the near future.

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