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Fans crowd Thai airport in the morning to see Lee Min-ho

June 2, 2011

The fans’ efforts to see actor Lee Min-ho is truly painstaking.

Lee Min-ho secretly entered Thailand for the shoot of new SBS drama ‘City Hunter’ on the 25th. However, despite the early hour of 6 AM in the morning, the fans somehow got information that he was coming and gathered at the airport.

Fans from not only Thailand but nearby Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia came and crowded the Thailand Suvarnabhumi Airport.

When Lee Min-ho was leaving for Thailand, the fog and snow delayed his flight from Incheon to Thailand for 4 hours and at the Thailand border there was a 7 degree earthquake.

Also, the actors and staff were going to enter Thailand in secret but they were all surprised at the unexpected up rise.

One of the locals said, ‘The fans waiting from the 24th afternoon to see Lee Min-ho coming on the 25th. He worried about news of him getting out and causing a fuss but the fans were all in order to meet him’.

The drama staff and Lee Min-ho greeted the fans friendly and with a smile, and also said to a local staff, ‘Hopefully there has been no casualties from the earthquake, it’s relieving to see everyone so happy. Please take care of the fans so that they can return safely’.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho will be in Thailand until the beginning of next month to shoot the drama ‘City Hunter’ which will first be broadcast on the 25th of May.

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