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Jisun releases gorgeous teaser with INFINITE’s Woohyun

June 2, 2011

Singer Jisun is finally returning to the music scene after being away for two years! She recently released a few album jacket photos along with a teaser, and netizens are gushing over her ‘goddess’ look.

With her nonchalant facial expression, Jisun gives off a mysterious goddess vibe. Some are even comparing her to Venus because of her wavy, red hair and milky skin.

Jisun wrote and composed the lyrics herself for her title songBlow Wind Blow‘. The song is almost like a letter, in which the person has to let go of their loved one; the addition of acoustics give a comfortable and sweet feel to it.

Those who’ve seen the photos and teaser showed an explosive response, as they praised, “There’s no other Venus like her,” “She’s beautiful!”, “I’m really anticipating this album,” and “I want to hurry and listen to Jisun’s voice”.

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