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HD photos of Goo Hara have netizens captivated

June 4, 2011

KARA’s Goo Hara is considered one of the nation’s top beauties but recent photos of the idol has got netizens going head-over-heels in admiration.

Recent HD photos of Goo Hara from SBS‘ ‘City Hunter‘ have been circulating the web, showing off close-ups of the idols face. In addition to showing off her porcelain skin, the pictures show how doll-like Goo Hara’s features really are, resulting in netizens calling her the ‘innocent doll.’ In the drama, Goo Hara plays a the role of a playgirl who failed to get into college the first time around.

After watching the airing of this particular episode, netizens commented, “She really looks like a doll”, “Her expression is too cute”, “Even her acting was natural”, and “She looks like a kid. She’s really young.”

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