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Rookie trio BGH to debuts on “Music Bank”

June 4, 2011

Rookie female trio BGH to has made their debut on KBS’s “Music Bank” with their song “I Love “Always” Be Happy“.

On May 24th, BGH to released their first digital single album “The Paradise” on various music sites and has received a hot response regardless of their rookie status. Their title track entered the top 20 on music charts and within 3 days made it into the top 10 ringtone charts.

I Love “Always” Be Happy” was composed by Kim Doo Hyun who has written songs for Ab Avenue, Sunnyside MJ, and Jang Nara. It is a R&B hip-hop track that has a beautiful piano melody, an R&B rhythm, and T-ara’s Eunjung’s rap featuring.

BGH to’s Su Yeon (20), Hye Kyung (19) and Sun Min (17) has confidently entered the music industry with their vocal talent and begun their activities with their debut stage on “Music Bank”.

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